Let’s be honest, planning is not your strong suit.  You might be able to plan next week and even next month. Day timers, calendar apps and the good old fashion calendar on the fridge are the standard tools we use everyday to stay on top of the to do list.  Where we fail miserably is scheduling for our personal lives, doctors appointments and holidays.

I will preempt a few questions here…

First, I am the last person to recommend or write reviews about apps; there are more than enough sites, bloggers and TV shows that rate and recommend.

Second, I hate paying for apps. My general rule of thumb, if I have to pay first then try it… I won’t buy it.  Of the hundreds of “lite” apps installed and tested over the years I have only paid for one, yup, ONE!

Third, I have used this app as an example when running workshops and speaking to young entrepreneurs about to launch another app in the app store.  Why?  Because Winkpass and their app iPeriod are solving a problem that has existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

For generations women have used a calendar or guessing game to figure out when the next dreaded week will happen. For husbands/significant others the only indication has been the mood shift from hell.  I know there are competing apps out there but here is my $0.10 worth on my favorite app iPeriod.

In our home this app is considered the ultimate heads up and vacation planning tool.

1) Vacation and Appointment Planning – This little app gives me the next 12 months!  My doctors love it it! No more guessing.  I can book my appointments six months in advance and feel confident I won’t have to reschedule.

2) Notifications – The 2 day countdown! My husband and I love this one, it is the only notification on my phone that I don’t ignore or get annoyed at.  We both know when I am going to be more than a little cranky.   I know why the hell I have a new pimple and my husband knows what needs to be done for him and I to keep arguments at bay.

3) General Health Monitoring and Tracking – Over the years I have had various issues, this gives me a good indication as to where I am physically.  Yes, I pay attention to this.  More importantly I can give my doctors accurate information when things happen, symptoms etc.

4)Technical Support – I have very low expectations for technical support response times.  Generally I expect no response or a generic, impersonal, “you’re an idiot” response from most technical support centers.  In this case, I was wrong.  The app was crashing on my new phone and with no way to get help through the app itself I went through the app store.  Surprise, surprise support@winkpass.com  responded in what I thought was a pretty reasonable time frame and had me back up and running in no time.  Oh yes…  and I even felt some love.

“Thanks for letting us know. It appears that Apple broke something with the iOS7.0.3 update. However, we may have patched the issue until we can get an update out.  Can you please try running the app again and letting me know if it is now working for you? Thanks so much and terribly sorry about the hassle! Cheryl”

Now you know why I am loyal to Winkpass and iPeriod. They are solve my problems.