The down side to being a start-up junkie/entrepreneur/founder/consultant is the NDA’s. For some this might not be an issue but since I hold ethics and integrity in high regard I am screwed and so are you. I have learned a lot if hard lessons, some have cost money and for the most part… I can’t even tell you the full facts until these damn NDA’s have expired.

A few quick tips…
A pitch deck does not a business make
IPO’s are a no no!
Options and shares are bullshit!
Your BOD is not always interested in what’s best for the company and the investors
Advisory boards are only good if you utilize them
You have nothing if you don’t have paying customers
An idea on paper is bullshit! Build, Test and execute.
Most advisors will pander to your ego
As a startup you need a good hard smack and a dose if reality
It’s not a party! Get your ass on gear and get to work
Founders should rarely consider themselves CEO’s
Incubators are great for hype but rarely turn out performers
Shit just isn’t free… Put some skin in the game
You personal expenses are not business expenses no matter the bullshit story you weave

Just wait until I can tell you the full story.